Business opportunities in Norway

Wednesday, 09. June 2021
The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO), in cooperation with the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Oslo, organised a territorially focused webinar, the purpose of which was to bring the Scandinavian region closer to the Slovak entrepreneurs. This time we focused on the territory of Norway, which, in addition to economic diplomat Alexandra Dubas, was talked about by representatives of Innovation Norway and the Chambers of Commerce in Oslo and Bergen.

Although Norway is not a member state of the European Union, it applies the rules of the Union's single market under the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA Agreement). Membership of the EEA significantly opens the country to EU member states in the context of foreign trade. At the same time, through the EEA / Norwegian funds, it contributes to the development of bilateral cooperation with Slovakia in the field of innovation and trade.

Magnar Ødelien, EEA Program Director Norwegian Funds, from Innovation Norway, focused on the future direction of Norway and the possibilities of using Norwegian funds. Representatives of the Oslo Chambers of Commerce, Astri S. Platou, Director of External Relations, and Bergen, Johannes Magnus, Director of International Relations, presented the services provided by the Chambers, as well as opportunities to work with partners in the Norwegian market. After the presentation of the webinar, the pre-assigned questions of the registered participants were answered and sixteen individual B2G consultations with the economic diplomat A. Dubas and the Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Bergen Torbjorn Haaland followed.

Webinar presentations are available and downloadable in the right bar of this webinar summary, and you can watch a video recording of the webinar here.