Competitiveness of Slovak regions – analysis of PAS

Friday, 08. April 2011


“Competitive Regions 21“ is the name of the project that analyzes in complexity the competitive advantages and disadvantages of the business environment of all Slovak districts. Analysis, based on the methodology of index and rankings of the World Economic Forum, was prepared by the Business Alliance of Slovakia (PAS) – Professional association connecting businessmen and employers.


Main outcome of the project is the Index of Regional Business Environment (IRPP) which describes the quality of business conditions. The key features for comparison of counties are: economic activity, economic output, legislation, public administration, infrastructure, technologies, human resources and education. According to this index the best condition for business activities have Bratislava, Trnava, Senec, Zilina, Malacky and Hlohovec counties.


Evaluation model has 106 indicators out of which 47 originated in Slovak poll on doing business in regions and about 5,000 businessmen took part in it. The rest of the indicators come from statistical databases.


The project team identified the biggest competitive advantages and disadvantages for every one of 79 counties of Slovakia and afterwards it worked out the recommendations to increase competitiveness of each county. Structure of business sector in the region and description of largest employers is a part of the characteristics of counties.


The result of this project is the analysis of competitiveness of all counties of the SR with the identification of their strengths and weaknesses, plus recommendations for improvement to balance the difference among the Slovak regions. This project has been carried out since July 2009.


For more information, please contact:  Róbert Kičina, CEO of PAS

                                                      tel.: 02/58233481