Digital technologies in healthcare sector

Wednesday, 09. December 2020
SARIO’s webinar brought a discussion on how companies can use digital technologies in the areas of medicine and healthcare.
On December 3 2020, this year’s last webinar prepared within the SARIO Diversification Services titled “Digital innovation in medicine” took place. It aimed to introduce both software and hardware companies to the possibilities of how they can use their experience and technological potential in the area of medicine and healthcare. The discussion was focused on successful Slovak projects in the area, the possibilities of entering this promising high-technology field, as well as the challenges it is facing nowadays.
The discussion featured representatives of two Slovak software companies developing innovative solutions using artificial intelligence - Eduard Baraniak (, s.r.o.) and Patrik Kmeč (Hilbi Health s.r.o.), Anton Artim from a Slovak company developing industrial computers, displays and tablets for various applications including healthcare (ELCOM s r.o.), as well as two representatives of recently established accelerator for digital innovation in the medical area HealthCareLab - Daša Dercová (Roche Slovensko, s.r.o.) and Jaroslav Leitmann (Civitta Slovakia, a. s.). The webinar was moderated by SARIO‘s Simona Jurkovičová and Michal Brichta.

This activity the SARIO Diversification Services aimed to support the sectorial diversification of Slovak companies towards promising high-tech areas with significant growth potential. For more information regarding planned events and the SARIO Diversification Services, please contact: