Germany Road show



The third day of investment roadshow in Germany was marked by the automotive industry. Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) presented our country at the automotive symposium in Frankfurt / Main.


SARIO showcased Slovakia as a country suitable for other forms investments not only in the automotive industry but especially in the subcontracting sector. German businessmen appreciated the plans to remove administrative burdens for businesses.


"Slovakia is predestined to become the center of the subcontracting system for the automotive industry because of its coverage in our and neighboring countries. I am glad that news signals are coming from German investors and I believe that SARIO will be able to turn them into future projects, " R.Šimončič, CEO SARIO said.


The presentation was attended by representatives of the German Association of Automotive Industry under the leadership of CEO Kay Lindemann. Slovakia was represented by Juraj Miskov, Minister of Economy, Robert Simoncic, CEO SARIO and Andrea Gulova, Deputy CEO SARIO.


The automotive industry is currently the most important sector in the global economy. Its share on the total industrial production in Slovakia is 27.5%. It is our primary and key sector for the development of GDP, exports, employment or acquisition of new investments. In 2010 the automotive industry in Slovakia, directly or indirectly employed up to a total of 70,000 employees, representing about 16% of the overall labor market.


In terms of the share of car production in the national economy, Slovakia is the world's top automotive industry.