H. E. Ambassador of Brazil in SARIO agency

With the aim to start much closer cooperation and to create room for the export and investment activities on both sides, H. E. Ambassador of Brazil in the SR Marília Sardenberg Zelner Goncalves visited the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency.
Considering the current economic cooperation of the Slovak Republic and Brazil, H. E. Ambassador said: “I see large potential that is not fully used.” The Slovak Republic has a long-term trade balance with Brazil, while last year our export was 57,539 million EUR and import 121, 442 million EUR.
H. E. Ambassador of Brazil also positively evaluated the economic direction of the SR also because of the EU membership: "The Slovak Republic could become the entry gate for our country into the European Union”, Marília Zelner Goncalves said and she added that she can see the focus of the cooperation especially in the field of the innovation technologies and interconnection of research and development with the practice.
SARIO CEO Juraj Kiesel suggested organizing joint events of the trade and investment character with the participation of the business entities and at the same intensify the cooperation with the partner Brazil organization for the investment support APEX. "To our partners in Brazil we also offer the option to interlink our websites which could also lead to the more effective cooperation,” Juraj Kiesel added.