Investment seminar with business mission in Luxembourg

Tuesday, 01. October 2019
On 27 September 2019, a presentation of investment opportunities and the Slovak economy was held under the auspices of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Brussels and the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) in cooperation with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. The Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SOPK) and the Slovak Science and Research Liaison Office in Brussels (SLORD) also contributed to the presentation of Slovakia.

The event was opened by the representative of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Steven Koener from the International Relations Department, who brought the Chamber of Commerce and its activities closer to the participants and highlighted the myriad of similarities that Slovakia and Luxembourg share. He also emphasized the potential of developing mutual relations and positively evaluated the development and achievements of Slovakia in the economic field.
The speech of the Ambassador Petr Kormúth only confirmed the interest as well as the potential of the development of Luxembourg-Slovak relations in various areas. The Slovak economy and investment opportunities in the Slovak Republic not only in the area of ​​ICT and innovation were explained to participants by Stanislav Plascencia Lubinová from SARIO. A short video from the production of SARIO presenting the Slovak Republic and its economy has met with great success. It also brought to the attention of the participants an important event "Slovak Matchmaking Fair".
The presentation continued with the contribution of the SCCI presented by Kristína Juríková, which focused on the possibility of establishing new forms of cooperation and strengthening the existing relations.
Terézia Ruà Lesayová of SLORD talked about Horizon 2020, the possibilities of drawing funds for science and research projects as well as the ecosystem in science and research not only in Slovakia but also in the EU.

The event ended with an excellent example of success story presented by director of Luxembourg's IEE Company, Stefan Goebel, which has been successfully operating in Slovakia since 2009. He informed that the company is orientated in the production of sensors for the automotive industry. However, it also has other activities in the field of building security and health. The Slovak branch of the company is based in Veľká Ide near Košice. It manufactures sensors of all kinds especially for the European and Indian markets. Today, the Slovak branch has 700 employees. In 2014, the headquarters decided to establish an R&D section. Stefan Goebel stated that the company is extremely satisfied in Slovakia (appreciated the infrastructure; supply of electricity, gas, helpfulness and support from the municipality and the authorities) and has no problems. He emphasized the approach of the Slovaks. They are well-educated, flexible, resourceful, motivated, trustworthy, and loyal to the company, team players. According to Stefan Goebel, Slovakia is “a small country suitable for big business”.

Participants of the event received a comprehensive overview of the possibilities and potential opportunities in Slovakia, not only from the investment but also from the business point of view. After the event, all guests had the opportunity to network and exchange contacts during a reception organized by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.