Memorandum of cooperation with the Self-Governing Region Banska Bystrica

Wednesday, 23. June 2010


SARIO Assigned Chief Executive Robert Simoncic signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Chairman of the Self-Governing Region Banska Bystrica Vladimír Maňka. Self-Governing Region Banska Bystrica became fifth region (after Trnava, Presov, Kosice and Nitra) that has the agreement based relationship with SARIO agency in the field of investment support and creation of production and export cooperation in each region. Robert Simoncic said that it is not a formal procedure but a beginning of intensified relationship and cooperation of SARIO and Banska Bystrica Region. According to Mr. Manka, the region is eager to welcome some sort of significant investment that would decrease unemployment and support economic stability in the region.