MinebeaMitsumi Automation Workshop

On May 29, 2018 following up on the MinebeaMitsumi R&D workshop from March, SARIO hosted its second innovation event for the Japanese company, this time with a focus on automation processes.

This innovation workshop was organized for the representatives of the soon to be opened Košice plant of Minebea Mitsumi and their German colleagues from PMDM (Precision Motors Deutsche Minebea GmbH - the group´s R&D branch).

It provided a unique opportunity for 11 shortlisted Slovak companies to present their process optimization solutions for Minebea Mitsumi. Based on the outcome of the workshop, about 3 - 4 potential partners will be selected for company visits taking place in June, which should aim to further assess the capabilities, capacities and business potential of the chosen Slovak companies.

This series of events, jointly developed by SARIO represented by Oto Pisoň, Senior Consultant and MinebeaMitsumi, aims to foster innovation at one of SARIO’s most important recent clients, as well as provide business opportunities for the most potent Slovak companies capable of developing complex automation services. SARIO aims to build on this successful project by expanding its innovation services to additional major players located in Slovakia, as well as to use this experience to attract further high added value investments to the country.