New Business Contacts Within Reach

Slovak Matchmaking Fair Nitra 2019 - new business contacts within reach
On May 22, 2019, the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) organized an event from the SARIO Business Link series - Slovak Matchmaking Fair Nitra 2019 (SKB).
Slovak Matchmaking Fair in Nitra has been a prestigious international business event for 10 years and is part of the official accompanying program of the International Engineering Fair in Nitra. This all-day professional event provides participants with a unique platform for networking with relevant business partners, sharing information, experiences, linking theory with practice while presenting interesting innovative Slovak projects.
"This international subcontracting event format belongs to the strategic activities and tools of SARIO, which systematically and efficiently helps Slovak companies to establish themselves in strong foreign competition," said Róbert Šimončič, CEO of SARIO.
At the jubilee 10th year of the Slovak Matchmaking Fair, a record number of relevant subjects from various fields of engineering and related industries from 12 countries around the world met in Nitra.
Representatives of 107 companies offered or acquired technology, tools, solutions, products and services in one day, presented their innovative ideas and reached new business partners in over 400 pre-planned bilateral negotiations.
"The machinery industry is the driving force of our economy experiencing a strong period. In addition to highly valued products, Slovak companies provide quality and compatible services and services in software development or industrial automation," added Róbert Šimončič, CEO of SARIO.
We are pleased that a significant local player, Jaguar Land Rover, also participated in the Slovak Matchmaking Fair this year, whose representatives appeared in the panel discussion as well as had meetings with Slovak companies about possible cooperation. At the same time, the event participants were introduced to the Discovery model, whose new home became Nitra, from where it travels to all over the world.
The business to business meetings of companies, which are the core part of this event, were accompanied by the discussion panels. One of them presented the successful stories of Slovak companies that, thanks to SARIO, established cooperation with global companies. The panels also reflected the current trends and requirements of companies such as the topics of People for the Smart Industry and Modern Mobility.
“If the industry in Slovakia wants to maintain its position, it must respond to the challenges of today's dynamic time. Slovak Matchmaking Fair is a place for exchanging experiences and making contacts that can bring the necessary impulses, ”Vojtech Ferencz, State Secretary of the Economy Department stressed in his opening speech. He said that the main challenge facing the Slovak industry was not to keep, but to increase the pace of technological change. "The tools for achieving this goal are digitalization, R&D and innovation," said Ferencz.
The event was brought the participants the chance to get to know unique partner exhibits:
• Infotech RTLS (real-time locating services) solutions
• SCR Technologies a technical solution to a comprehensive continuous learning process in the industry and manufacturing segment, covering e-learning using augmented reality technology
• Ixworx multiplatform software tool providing end-user 3D visualization of product configuration, interactive user manual, customer-to-manufacturer communication capability
• STU BA Green Team Monopost 2019
• Photoneo Phollower 100 universal mobile platform for shipping and delivering materials in warehouses, factories and hotels
  • Land Rover Discovery 3.0 SDV6 HSE Luxury
As well as individual consultations in the areas of support for foreign trade, state aid, export financing, current calls for support of innovations from EU funds or participation in fairs and exhibitions.
We would like to thank our partners who supported the Slovak Matchmaking Fair Nitra 2019 and we will be glad to meet again in autumn in Bratislava in this format, which is annually our largest. Already on October 24, 2019 we are preparing for you attractive topics, expert discussions, sourcing workshops, business meetings accompanying all-day business-to-business meetings.

HERE you can find photos from the event.