New methods of SARIO’s work with the investors

Based on the Memorandums on the cooperation of the Self-Governing Regions (VUC), the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency prepared new methods of work with the investors and the regions. This new approach should be as follows: After the interlinking of the websites of SARIO agency and the individual Self-Governing Regions with the offers of the investment and export opportunities, appointed project manager of the FDI Section will organize, in the cooperation with the SARIO Regional Offices and the representatives of the VUC regional department, the meeting directly in the region. “If this won’t be possible due to time constraints, we will prepare videoconference in SARIO agency during which the investors will be able to talk with the representatives of the selected region on the specific investment options”, SARIO CEO Juraj Kiesel said and he added that SARIO agency is after 10 years of its work with the investors introducing new, dynamic model – work with the investors in close cooperation with the regions. “New situation, caused mainly by the global crisis when the investment is generally subdued all over the world, requires new methods and approach. We have to be more dynamic and flexible”, said SARIO CEO. New model based on videoconferences will be used by SARIO agency also while supporting export through business missions abroad.