Opening ceremony of Elastogran “System House” in Malacky

Thursday, 03. December 2009

SARIO CEO Juraj Kiesel was invited to the opening ceremony of “System House” of German company Elastogran (BASF Group) in the industrial park Eurovalley in Malacky.
The Deputy Prime Minister Dusan Caplovic stressed in his speech the fact that although the investment volume of this project is not big, it is still considered an important one: “Since the System House project follows the Government concept of knowledge economy“. He also appreciated the fact that a significant part of support services will be provided by companies established in this region.
Germany company Elastogran invested 4.5 million EUR and created about 20 new jobs by opening the System House for polyurethane (PUR) systems and basic products. SARIO CEO in this context added: “We are happy that SARIO was able to assist with this project which falls into the category of projects with higher added value.”
Vice President of BASF Polyurethanes Europe and executive director of Elastogran GmbH Mr. Uwe Hartwig introduced in short presentation the main part of the production – polyurethane - as a part of our everyday life.
“Polyurethane systems are the basic material for the production of components for most industry sectors and we see them everywhere – either at work or leisure activities.”
The Mayor of Malacky Mr. Jozef Ondrejka handed over the to the company management the official Completion Certificate for the park.

Other information on the investor:

As one of the leaders in the field of the specialty plastic material polyurethane (PUR) solutions, BASF is developing its global network. By establishing two system houses in Poland and Slovakia by Elastogran, it answers the needs of these fast growing markets in the Central and Eastern Europe. Just like all system houses, the new ones have as well local preparation, sales and development units.
The System House is an independently and locally working unit that except for traditional functions as technology service, development, system preparation and sales, specializes in counseling and customer care. BASF Company has over 30 system houses all over the world connected through the network that enables them to efficiently use information for the whole group.

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