SARIO: Closer to the investors

Friday, 09. September 2011



Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) will get closer to the investors. The agency is reinforcing its support to the investors. Since the expansions of established foreign companies form one third of the total volume of its projects and this trend of growing expansions share in the total number of finished projects will be increasing.


“The aim of the Corporate Development is the support of successful and satisfied investors in order to secure further expansion projects. I believe that our partners will appreciate our effort to offer the added value. I am sure that we are getting closer to our aim – to turn SARIO into the gateway for the investment influx to Slovakia”, Robert Šimončič, SARIO CEO said.


The latest trend in the foreign direct investment development shows that the established foreign investors have good experience with Slovakia; they appreciate its effort to simplify and improve the business environment.


 „I am very pleased that the changes initiated by the Ministry of Economy of the SR bear fruit, as evidenced by the growing interest of new investors to invest in Slovakia but also by the interest of existing investors to continue to expand and create new jobs in Slovakia." said Juraj Miškov, the Minister of Economy of the SR.


SARIO will provide under the "Corporate Development" the established foreign investors with the individual client service free of charge. This new initiative is welcomed also by HP Slovakia, the largest IT company in Slovakia, which accepts almost 70 highly specialized experts in all areas of IT each month.


"HP Slovakia is a leader in the knowledge economy. For us it is very important to receive aid from the agencies, such as SARIO because it helps us to be more competitive not only within the region but also as a subsidiary of HP worldwide. "said Martin Kubala, HP Slovakia CEO.


SARIO´s aim is to be a modern agency, which will be perceived by foreign investors and domestic partners as a vehicle for growth and innovation. SARIO wants to assist to the development of the Slovak economy in the maximum extent possible by attracting new investment and offering trade support, which shall bring its results in creation of new jobs and ultimately increase the living standards in Slovakia.