SARIO helps Slovak companies to place themselves on the energy market of Serbia

Friday, 19. March 2010

Following the Cooperation Protocol in the Field of Mining and Energy between the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia that was signed on December 3rd, 2009 in Beograd, the meeting of the representatives of the Serbian gas company SRBIJAGAS, a.d., Novi Sad with the representatives of the Slovak company NSG Technology, a. s. Gbely and other Slovak companies from the energy sector took place on the premises of the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency.
The members of the Serbian delegation headed by H. E. Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Danko Prokic, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Dusan Mrakic, and the Executive Director for the Investment of the SRBIJAGAS, a.d., Novi Sad Jovica Budimir were before the meeting officially accepted by the Minister of the Economy of the SR Lubomir Jahnatek. Minister appreciated the fact that this meeting took place so shortly after signing aforementioned Protocol between the Ministry of Economy of the SR and the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia. “This is the proof of more intensive cooperation of our countries,” said Minister Lubomir Jahnatek. The aim of the meeting was to comply with the Protocol in the framework of tangible projects in realization process of which the Slovak companies will participate. The projects will be the construction of regional gas pipeline Aleksandrovac – Novi Pazar in the total length of approximately 175 km and underground gas storage tanks in the total volume of 1 billion cubic meters.
“Right now we are about to put to practice what was signed and agreed upon,” said the State Secretary of the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia Dusan Mrakic. He added that currently there is only one gas storage tank in Serbia and moreover it is in the ownership of Russian Gazprom which is not satisfying from the energy safety point of view. “Currently is in the high stage of readiness – especially in the project documentation – the project of construction of the high pressure gas pipeline Aleksandrovac – Novi Pazar,” the Executive Director for Investment of the SRBIJAGAS a.d., Novi Sad and he added that the estimated investment to this project should total 46 million EUR.
“Our employees had the possibility to get to know both projects in Serbia, which means that in a short time we are ready for their realization phase,” said the President of the Board of Dierctors of NSG Technology, a. s. Gbely, Mr. Rastislav Rusnak. “Considering the fact that both projects are guaranteed directly by the Serbian Government, we consider the placement of our companies in them to be very real and effective,” said SARIO CEO Juraj Kiesel. According to the head of the International Cooperation Department, Mr. Peter Jesensky, who was at the birth of both projects, that in the financial terms they should total about 300 million EUR. “It is really very good opportunity for the Slovak subjects that have great deal of this type of project experience as our partners had the chance to see also during our today’ s trip to Plavecky Stvrtok”.