SARIO introduced potential of Slovak Space sector in Brussels

SARIO in cooperation with SLORD and the Slovak Embassy in Brussels organised Slovak Space Tech Day in Brussels aimed at introducing the Slovak space industry and the companies involved.

On Monday 20th January 2020, an informal event Slovak Space Tech Day bringing together around thirty representatives of international institutions as well as companies, embassies and industrial associations took place in Brussels.

The event was organised by SARIO Agency in cooperation with the Slovak Liaison Office for Research and Development (SLORD) and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Brussels in order to present the current developments in the Slovak space industry to the international audience. Apart from SARIO representatives Stanislava Plascencia Lubinová and Michal Brichta, the programme included also representatives of two successful Slovak companies, namely Jakub Kapuš (Spacemanic) and Matúš Bakoň (insar.sk), as well as a guest of honor Hans Bracquené – the Chairman of SME4SPACE, the European association of space SMEs.

SARIO agency within its Diversification services registers growing attention of the foreign partners towards the Slovak Space sector, which is shown not only by attendance at the events, but also by the increasing interest in identification of business and R&D partners and in launching common projects.

More information about the event: michal.brichta@sario.sk