SARIO: We want to help Slovakia to grow

Friday, 24. June 2011


On June, 24 2011 Slovak Agency for Investment and Trade Development (SARIO) organized at its premises in Bratislava a press conference with key topics:


1.       improving the Slovak business environment

2.       New SARIO: job creation and technology development

3.       ISA: a platform for investor support.


The conference was attended by Minister of economy of the Slovak Republic Juraj Miskov, SARIO CEO RobertSimoncic, Deputy CEO and Director of the Foreign Direct Investment Section Andrea Gulova and ISA Executive Committee member Michal Kviecinsky.


SARIO launched a new strategy with a main goal to build a modern agency, which will be perceived as a driver of growth and innovation and as a gateway for investment into Slovakia for foreign investors and local partners.


SARIO wants to contribute to the development of the Slovak economy by attracting new investments and trade promotion, both resulting in the number of new jobs and increased living standards. Priority will be given to investments into R&D.


As one of the most effective tools we see proactive search of foreign investment include establishment of SARIO representative offices in key regions of the world.


Investment Support Association (ISA) has been established in order to support SARIO in fullfilment of its strategy. It represents a group of reputable companies providing a wide range of services for investors. ISA will participate in providing professional services through the cooperation of all its members and attracting foreign direct investment for the Slovak Republic.



Download ISA introduction fact sheet HERE .