Securing the Future of Industry 4.0

On Wednesday, 30 September 2020, SARIO together with Basque Trade and Investment and Basque Cybersecurity Center organized a webinar with the title „Securing the Future of Industry 4.0: Technology Solutions of Slovak and Basque Cybersecurity Providers“.

The event moderated by Oto Pisoň (Deputy Head of Investment Projects Department & Innovation Manager, SARIO) was aimed at identifying current challenges of smart factories from the cybersecurity perspective and presenting relevant technological solutions of Basque and Slovak innovative companies.

The webinar was opened by Iñaki Ezkurra, Deputy of CEO of Basque Trade and Investment, and Dominik Susa, Deputy of CEO of SARIO. Both highlighted the importance of bilateral trade and investment relations, with a focus on the most strategic sectors of both regions.

The event started with 2 keynote speeches by Salvador Trujillo from IKERLAN and Ondrej Kubovič from ESET, which were enriched by the other 10 speakers representing Slovak and Basque IT companies.

Salvador Trujillo from IKERLAN, a member of the Basque Cybersecurity Center, presented an overview of the Basque cybersecurity ecosystem. Furthermore, he identified the most strategic regional sectors when it comes to cybersecurity, such as advanced manufacturing, food tech, smart energy, health tech, and digital services.

Ondrej Kubovič, of ESET, clarified the importance of cybersecurity on an example of a hospital with a high level of threat and vulnerability to cyber-attacks. He then continued by presenting two other products related to malspam and brute-force attacks, as these cyber threats have an increased occurrence in today’s unprotected home-office work environment.
This was followed by 10 Slovak & Basque presentations on challenges and solutions for Industry 4.0 related cybersecurity threats.

David Dvořák from Soitron divided his presentation into 3 parts: challenges, goals, and the Slovak legislation related to cybersecurity. This presentation identified the lack of attention of companies towards cyber threats and the bad coverage of industrials companies by the Slovak cybersecurity law, as the biggest threat to securing Industry 4.0 operations.

Michal Palát from Ardaco presented their technology product called Silentel, a multi-platform solution for voice and data encryption used in highly confidential environments. He then later stressed the necessity of encryption and explained major issues of data storing.

Ondrej Kováč, IT Security Solution Manager of Alison, brought his insights on myths related to cybersecurity. In general, the presentation was focused on OT security underlining Alison´s technology designed for the continuous security monitoring of their clients.

Pavol Draxler, IT Security Manager of Binary Confidence, made an overview of their services, such as IT/OT security operations center, special security tools, training, and live simulations. According to his presentations, the three main pillars of cybersecurity are technologies, skilled people, and proper processes.   

The first Basque company to present itself was Alias Robotics, represented by Gil-Uriarte. The company is a provider of security solutions for robots and their components and sees their main challenges in robot connectivity.
This presentation was followed by Open Cloud Factory, represented by Mr. Darragh Kelly, who described their asset visualization solution in detail and how their solutions can work for mid-sized companies when securing their IT, IoT, or OT technologies.

Borja de la Maza, Business Development Manager of Redborder, presented their unique network traffic analysis and active cybersecurity platform based on big data and open source. During his speech provided an overview of their cybersecurity solutions and described attacks they were able to detect in real-time.

Keynetic was represented by Mr. Jon Matías, who summarized their key 3 segments: industry 4.0 (pointing out at their solutions flowSec Intelligence and flowNAC), smart grids, and telco. Based on the Q&A session that followed, he considers telco as the most mature sector in terms of cybersecurity.

Sergio Gallastegui, Founder and CEO of Codecontract, outlined their 4 unique solutions to reduce administrative costs, increase transparency and invoice security using blockchain technology, namely validated certifications, automatic contracts, audited invoices or incorruptible traceability.

The last to present was the Basque company called Enigmedia that provides services in ICS/OT. It was represented by the Founder and CSO, Gerard Vidal, who introduced their technology product aimed at helping service teams to solve problems and risks connected to cybersecurity by describing their particular case studies.