Slovak Matchmaking Fair Košice 2017

SARIO supported competitiveness and export potential of Slovak companies

The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) organized on October 30, 2017 the most prestigious international business-to-business (B2B) event of its kind in Slovakia - the Slovak Matchmaking Fair for the first time in Košice.

The event was held under the auspices of the Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic Peter Žiga. The whole day event was also accompanied by the 3rd Session of the Slovak-Hungarian Joint Commission for Issues of Economic Cooperation.

“This model of business cooperation has been tested over the years and it successfully works. It is important that the meetings of businessmen take besides Bratislava also in Košice and recently we have also interconnected the cooperation with our southern neighbor,” Peter Žiga, Minister of Economy of the SR have stressed.

Slovak Matchmaking Fair KOŠICE 2017 offered a platform for the companies to exchange their real life experiences as well as to make new business contacts and last but not least to join supplier networks of multinational companies established in Slovakia. In addition to the support of export potential of Slovak companies, the Slovak Matchmaking Fair KOŠICE 2017 focused within the expert conference "How to develop the industrial core of Europe“ on the cooperation synergies of countries in this region and the innovation potential mainly but not only in the automotive industry. The conference showcased representatives of governments of both countries, many unions, associations, universities and industry leaders who have presented their goals, visions and identified the potential of future cooperation steps.

"The platform of the Slovak Matchmaking Fair helps SARIO agency to significantly support the development of the Slovak economy. I am glad that the Slovak Matchmaking Fair KOŠICE 2017 in the coordination with the Ministry of Economy of the SR also offered space for the Slovak-Hungarian Business Forum. Since Hungary is the seventh most important business partner of Slovakia and is among top ten investors in Slovakia, for the future I foresee large impact of constructive discussion on the cooperation synergies and development of innovation potential in the region“, said Robert Šimončič, SARIO CEO.

The international event Slovak Matchmaking Fair KOŠICE 2017 was attended by 287 companies from 18 countries including Slovakia and they held more than 730 prescheduled bilateral negotiations.

Recall the most beautiful moments of the event via photogalolery https://www.sario.sk/smfk2017/

The Slovak Matchmaking Fair KOŠICE 2017 was organized thanks to the support of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and partners of the event. The platform of the Slovak Matchmaking Fair brought since its establishment the opportunity to join their business and production potential to more than 1,900 companies from 37 countries which held over 5,500 bilateral negotiations.