Slovak Space Office & UN COPUOS

Sunday, 19. September 2021
During the last week’s UN COPUOS session, we held an official side event themed „Space ecosystem building in emerging space countries“ together with our partners from ASD-Eurospace and European Space Policy Institute (ESPI).

This online roundtable moderated by Daniel Sagath, International Cooperation Manager at the Slovak Space Office Industry branch, was focused on supporting emerging space countries in sharing valuable information and experience regarding scaling up their national space ecosystems for the benefit of their society and economy. Michal Brichta, the Head of the Slovak Space Office Industry Branch, gave a presentation on the Slovak experience as an emerging space country.

We would like to thank Olivier Lemaitre - the Secretary-General at the ASD Eurospace and Sebastien Moranta - Research Manager at European Space Policy Institute for joining the discussion, as well as to the Secretariat of UNOOSA United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs for their help in organizing this side-event.

You can read more about the event here.


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