Slovenian–Slovak Business Forum

Thursday, 03. December 2009

On December 2nd, 2009 SARIO in cooperation with Slovenian partnership agency JAPTI (the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments) organized Slovenian-Slovak Business Forum in Ljubljana with significant support from the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Slovenia, the Embassy of the Slovenia in Slovakia and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Slovenian party introduced opportunities for investment entry into the markets of the former Yugoslavia’s countries - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, through our partner companies in Slovenia that are well established in this territory and know its specifics.
The representatives of SARIO informed the participants of the business forum about the history of economic relationships between Slovakia and Slovenia, the progress of mutual trade and investment projects. They also pointed out the possibilities of economic cooperation through formation of joint venture companies that would focus on the development of energy sector, road infrastructure, logistics, tourism and other fields of industry. After the introductory part, the individual negotiations of 41 participating Slovenian and 11 Slovak companies (DOPRASTAV, EKOMT, GTB, MODEX, NITRAGOLD, PLASTIKA, PLYNOSPOL, SES TLMAČE, SKANSKA, TECHNOCENTRUM JKC a UNICOL) took place.