Space sector available more than ever to Slovak companies

Thursday, 19. September 2019
Getting Into Space, the first of SARIO's diversification workshops aimed at introducing the space sector to Slovak companies took place in Bratislava yesterday.

The workshop started with an opening speech delivered by the director of SARIO's Investment Projects Department Dominik Susa, and the audience were guided through the event by consultant and Diversification teamleader of SARIO's Investment Projects Department Michal Brichta.
The list of speakers included Stephen Phil Airey and Kay van Der Made representing European Space Agency (ESA) - the main partner of this event.
ESA's presentation introduced its main activities and the current cooperation status with Slovakia, as well as relevant opportunities for Slovak companies in the sector.

Approximately fifty participants, representatives of companies from various sectors dealing with electronics, mechanics, progressive materials and IT then during two panel discussions had a chance to learn more about success-stories of companies that managed to diversify their portfolio towards space, and get inspired by successful cooperation between research institutions and companies. During two afternoon workshops, the participants also had a chance to gain practical information regarding financial support for research and development activities in the space sector.

Diversification services is a newly-launched project of SARIO agency aimed at supporting diversification of the Slovak economy and development of its high-tech sectors through creating new business opportunities for local companies. The very first event of this agenda, the Slovak Space Tech Day, took place in June 2019 (
The European space industry belongs to the most competitive ones in the world. It employs more than 230 000 people and already in 2017 generated value between 53 and 62 billion euro, which constantly grows year by year. Also the characteristics of this industry are changing. While before it was almost exclusively a playground for projects of governments and huge corporations, today the small and medium enterprises play an important role in its value chain as well.

For more information about Diversifikation Services SARIO, please contact:
Michal Brichta, Consultant and Diversification teamleader of SARIO's Investment Projects Department