Third Investment Seminar of SARIO during the official visit of India

New Delhi


The last investment seminar of the agency SARIO in India was organized in cooperation with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) took place on 13.4.2011 with the participation of 20 Indian company representatives.


The first presentation was delivered by Bidisha Ganguly from CII who introduced the economy of India, which main drivers are still agriculture, cultivation of tee, jute, cotton, rice and minerals mining (coal, iron ore, oil, gas). The average GDP growth of India is on the level 9% in the past years and in global export Indian is on the 28th place, though in export of commercial services ranks among top 10 exporters with the share of 2.7%.


In the past period, the government has adopted a new measure supporting the inflow of foreign direct investment into the country, causing significant growth of this type of investment. On the other hand, Indian companies are themselves significant investors abroad, in 2009 investing more than 77.5 bn USD abroad, becoming the 26th biggest investors globally with strong focus on the automotive, steel, textile and IT industry.


Slovakia, both as an independent country as well as successor of Czechoslovakia has with 21 bilateral agreements signed with India in the area of tourism, investment development, taxation, education, or more specific agreements in chemical or food production. “These agreements are good basis for future improvement of mutual cooperation” said Andrea Gulova during her presentation. In the discussion following the seminar, Indian businessmen has showed interest towards investing into tourism, especially into hotels and wellness facilities or organizing tours to Slovakia. Furthermore, they were also interested in cooperation with IT companies, area of renewable energy resource, infrastructure development and food industry. After the seminars, independent meetings with companies followed.


CII – is a non for profit organization established more than 115 years ago. Its goal is to establish and sustain friendly environment for industry growth in India in close cooperation of industry representatives and the government. This top commercial association of India has a direct membership in more than 8100 organizations in both public and private sphere. Close cooperation with the government aims to increase effectiveness, competition and expends trade opportunities for the industry via specialized services and global ties.

CII acts as a first contact point for the industry of India and the international business community. The organization has 64 offices, 7 regional centers in India and 7 abroad (in Australia, China, France, Singapore, South Africa, Great Britain and USA) and 223 institutional partnerships with various organizations in 90 countries.


For more information please visit also the website of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic: