Thumbs up for Slovakia



Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) has had a succesful first half of 2011. Compared with the first half of 2010, SARIO managed to attract more foreign investments to Slovakia according to all indicators: the number of projects, volume of the investments and the creation of new jobs.


During the first half of 2011 SARIO executed projects with a total volume of 259.5 million Euros which will probably create over 1500 new jobs in Slovakia. Over the same period last year SARIO completed 8 projects with a total value of 35.22 million Euros and which resulted in the creation of approximately 500 new jobs.


“We are successful in reaching our goal that foreign investors have begun to perceive SARIO as a modern and transparent agency which becomes for them a gateway for investing in Slovakia,” CEO of SARIO Robert Šimončič said.


Traditionally, most investments went into the automotive industry, especially suppliers, the manufacturing of metal and plastic components, electrical engineering as well as shared services.


SARIO has this year registered significantly higher levels of interest from international companies and investors, which is also documented by an increased number of trips for potential foreign investors to Slovakia organized by project managers of the agency.


"I believe that by the end of the year SARIO will successfully conclude a number of other projects that are currently in the process of decision-making. I assume that this year will be, in terms of attracting foreign investments, more positively evaluated than the last one, "said CEO of SARIO Robert Šimončič.