U. S. A. – investment potential for Slovakia

Monday, 26. March 2012

Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) continues its mission to attract foreign investors. Its representatives will participate at the investment seminar in Dallas and opening of the Slovak pavilion in Silicon Valley. This trip is a part of the SARIO´s project “Business Friendly Slovakia” which aims to present Slovakia and establish contacts with new potential investors.


“We strive to present Slovakia as the country favorable not only to the industrial production but as well as the country predestined for investment into research and development. I am sure that this is the way to reach our goal: turn SARIO into the gateway of investment influx to Slovakia”, Robert Simoncic, SARIO CEO said.


Applicants from the U.S. for the first time overtook potential European investors. SARIO is currently working on 15 projects from the U. S. totaling 350 million euros, with the potential to create 4,000 jobs. Financial and business center of Dallas is therefore the closest destination, in which SARIO organizes investment seminar this week. One part of the business trip is also including the official opening of the Slovak pavilion at Mecca of IT industry - Silicon Valley.


“We would like to follow up on our successful investment roadshow from March 2011 thanks to which SARIO made many contacts with many US companies. The U.S. represents for us the potential to require new projects that would help us fulfill our aim: to assist in Slovak economy development.” Andrea Gulova, SARIO CEO Deputy and Director of the FDI Section said.


The investment trip to the US begins in Silicon Valley where SARIO started the “Start Up Development Program” allowing Slovak companies to succeed in Mecca of the IT industry. Two companies will end their mission in Silicon Valley in March, and other two will start their activities in April. Part of the trip in Silicon Valley will be negotiations with US companies; visits to innovative pavilions as well as the official opening of the Slovak pavilion “Slovak Training Innovation Centre”. SARIO mission will continue with an investment seminar in Dallas since Texas belongs to one of the economic and financial centers of the U.S.


Slovakiawill be presented by R. Simoncic, SARIO CEO, A. Gulova, SARIO CEO Deputy, and SARIO project managers.


SARIO strives to be the modern agency perceived by the foreign investors and domestic partners as the vehicle for growth and investment. The agency aims to assist in the development of the Slovak economy as much as possible by attracting new investment and supporting foreign trade that will be eventually projected in the new jobs and increase of the living standards in Slovakia.


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