A unique guide to “Life in Slovakia” by SARIO

Thursday, 15. April 2010

Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency proudly presents “Life in Slovakia”, a specialized information material published for the very first time. “Life in Slovakia” is designed not only to introduce Slovakia as a country of opportunity, but also to provide useful legal, cultural, and social information for potential as well as current investors and expatriate managers living in Slovakia.


Life in Slovakia” is  more than just a travel guide providing wide scope of relevant information. It aspires to offer foreign investors a chance to read in-depth tips on accommodation, education system or hints on what to do in a leisure time. The ambition of the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency is to make life of incoming investors and their management teams easier by helping them to adapt to new, different cultural and social environment.


Life in Slovakia” will be distributed at various business meetings, international conferences, foreign exhibitions, and investment roadshows free of charge. It will also be made available to wide public for a modest price.


For further information regarding “Life in Slovakia”, please, do not hesitate to contact SARIO at marketing@sario.sk.