Export academy

The export academy within the National Project ‘Support of internationalization of SMEs’ provides educational, advisory, and training activities and the mediation of skills in the area of foreign trade via realization of pro- export oriented seminars. The seminars within the Export academy will be organized in the regions of Slovakia and also in the headquarters of SARIO in the Bratislava region.

The goal of the Export academy is to increase the level of competence in the techniques and practices in the area of foreign trade of Slovak SMEs that are exporters, and thereby to support their further expansion to new and riskier foreign markets. The pro- export seminars of the Export academy focus on ‘hard skills’, that is techniques and operations in foreign trade, as well as ‘soft skills’, for instance negotiation skills in contact with a foreign partner, communication, presentation, and cultural differences and customs in territories of interest. An integral part of the academy is advising based on shared information, practical trainings and successful examples from practice.
Time schedule of Export Academy seminars with support of SARIO