E-mobility Today and in the Post-Pandemic World (webinar)

Simona Jurkovičová, E: simona.jurkovicova@sario.sk
The Slovak Agency for Investment and Trade Development (SARIO) would like to invite you to another free webinar, this time on the topic of "E-mobility Today and in the Post-Pandemic World" which will take place on Wednesday, 13 May at 14:00.

The webinar aims to bring insights and observations of representatives of companies and associations, operating in the field of e-mobility, closer to the professional and general public. In addition to the current situation, associated with several challenges and opportunities, the speakers will discuss their expectations and possible scenarios of future development, e.g. how can electromobility contribute to the renewal of the economy once the pandemic is over. 

These and other questions will be answered by the following speakers:
  • J. Carrier - InoBat
  • J. Zuštiak - AgeVolt
  • P. Križanský - Slovak Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA)
Hosted by: Oto Pisoň, SARIO

The discussion will be held in English.

Registration is open until 13 May by 11 AM via the registration form. The link to the webinar (via the Zoom application) will be sent to registered participants on the day of the event.


The webinar is prepared within the Innovation and Diversification services of the SARIO agency.

Innovation services - a new matching platform by SARIO interconnecting the needs of its major clients (international corporations based in Slovakia) with the competences and capacities of the most advanced Slovak technology companies. Email: innovate@sario.sk

Diversification Services - a new activity of the SARIO agency aimed at supporting the diversification of Slovak companies towards promising high-tech areas and other sectors with high growth potential.
Email: diverzifikacia@sario.sk