03.10.2022 - 31.10.2023

Practice for universities, solutions for companies 5.0

Practice for universities, solutions for companies
Slovenská agentúra pre rozvoj investícií a obchodu (SARIO)

Barbora Szepeová, E: barbora.szepeova@sario.sk, T: +421 484 152 304

SARIO has long strived to support the growth of investments with higher added value and to respond to the challenges facing companies in Slovakia proactively.

One of the challenges is the low availability of a skilled workforce, which could be a barrier to the development of innovative companies and hinders the transition to a knowledge-based economy and industry 4.0.

Despite the quality work of teachers, the skills of graduates do not sufficiently reflect the needs of the labor market, which is a consequence of insufficient cooperation between universities and practice. Universities as well as small and medium-sized enterprises often lack the human resources and finances to develop mutual relations and cooperation.

That is why the SARIO agency is expanding its agenda focused on connecting academia with practice, to support the technology transfer.

The main idea of the project 

Support for establishing cooperation between companies and the academic environment. Bring new partnerships, internship opportunities for students, contacts, and positive publicity.


  • increasing the transfer of technology and research from the academy to practice 

  • stimulation of innovations in Slovak companies

  • improving the practical skills of graduates to reflect market requirements

How can you get involved?

  • topics for bachelor's, master's, and dissertation theses based on practical assignments that you need to solve

  • identifying areas for the creation of joint research and development projects with the faculty

  • engagement in the teaching process

  • internship offers for students

Internships will be covered through an online platform, which can be accessed by all registered students from various universities and research institutions across Slovakia. Internship offers will also be regularly promoted through our social network Instagram, for sake of even wider coverage of students.

The intention is to constantly inform the mentioned target group about the possibilities of job opportunities. At the same time, we´d like to draw your attention to the fact that the internships will not be part of the networking event, due to the preservation of the main idea of the project.

Please see below a link to the platform.

Why get involved?
You will get the opportunity to establish new partnerships, capture young talents, promote yourself among future potential employees and, in addition, cooperation with universities will bring you new opportunities in the field of innovation and research. 

How does it work?
SARIO will match the submitted topics from companies with faculties and organize a matchmaking event, where researchers and professors will have the opportunity to establish direct contact with companies and start cooperation. The event will be mainly dedicated to networking and subsequent B2B negotiations without the participation of the students. 

All services are provided free of charge.