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SARIO Innovation Services

The matching platform of SARIO interconnecting the needs of large investors established in Slovakia with capacities and competencies of the most advanced and innovative Slovak technology companies.
SARIO organizes tailor-made workshops, which on one side serve as a business development channel for Slovak solution providers, on the other are aimed to innovate the technological processes of its major clients. These services are not limited to the borders of Slovakia and they also focus on venture capital related M&A matchmaking.

SARIO Innovation Services focus on, but are not limited to:

Industry: automation, predictive maintenance, quality control, digital factory solutions
Product development: design, prototyping, testing, tooling
Services sector: software automation, outsourcing, cybersecurity, big data, and artificial intelligence.

The agency plans to scale these services by addressing a wider range of clients from various sectors and identifying new potential Slovak solution providers, capable of succeeding in international markets.

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