Sector overview

In Slovakia, there are several industries with a long tradition, such as engineering, chemical, electrotechnical engineering, wood-processing and food industry. In general, industry is currently undergoing a phase of rapid growth not only due to strong supply of foreign investors.

Slovakia is nowadays becoming one of the world leaders in the automotive industry. Two well-known car manufacturers PCA (in Trnava), and KIA Motors (in Žilina) joined the already implanted Volkswagen plant in Bratislava. In 2011, the Slovak automotive industry reached production levels of more than a million cars per year and nominated Slovakia according to the indicator of car production per capita to become the world leader.

In the future, however, Slovakia wants to focus more on promoting the production and services with higher-added value, such as the support of ICT, SSC and R&D projects.One of the strategic actions of Slovakia within investment support is also a strong support for investment into R&D and presentation of the Slovak R&D environment.

Advanced and professional research and development are key features of developed countries, contributing to economic growth of the country, maintaining sustainable development and promoting knowledge-based society and economy based upon innovation.

Recently, the most important areas related to country progress are:
modern technologies, promoting innovation, innovative business, creativity, education, building R&D centers, and various testing laboratories.