How to use financial instruments during a pandemic

On 11 June, SARIO agency organized a webinar entitled 'How to use financial instruments during a pandemic'.

The main speakers at this event were representatives from Eximbanka SR, the Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank (SZRB) and ČSOB, who provided clear information on assistance to companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on measures taken by the state, these institutions provide a specific scheme of assistance in the form of guarantees and loans to help overcome this difficult period.

In addition to the presentations of the financial instruments provided
by the individual entities, most of the webinar addressed the questions
of the participants, which they had the opportunity to enter during registration, or ad-hoc during the event in the form of Q&A.

The companies' questions were aimed at specific cases in the given companies as well as at supplementing and clarifying the information
that is freely available on the website. Several questions concerned the method of providing and calculating the amount of support for companies, the securing and development of investment operations as well as the specific conditions for companies in the unfavourable conditions.

As this topic has complicated structure with many conditions, this webinar not only attracted a record number of registered participant, whose number climbed to 135, but also provided valuable information in which companies could very easily get lost when searching on the Internet.