SARIO is attracting technology companies active in wind energy

SARIO is attracting technology companies active in wind energy

The representative of the Investment Projects Department of SARIO, Tomáš Salíni, took part in the last meeting of the Wind Europe's Board of Directors in Brussels. The association unites more than 500 leading companies in the field of production, operation of wind turbines, and distribution of electricity obtained from wind. 

SARIO's presentation was focused on the advantages of doing business in Slovakia and the potential for diversification of already existing supply chains to the production of wind turbines and their components. According to Wind Europe, SARIO is the first investment agency to attend the Board meeting since 2018.

The EU's current goals in the use of renewable resources count on the construction of wind turbines with a capacity of 420 GW by 2030. Even though this goal is difficult to meet, it requires a massive investment in the production capacities of wind turbines and their components. As it is currently one of the goals to reduce dependence on Asian producers, the EU places great emphasis on localization of these projects in EU member countries.

Slovakia doesn't have currently hardly any companies involved in wind-related technologies. However, it has extensive supply chains in the fields of automotive, machinery, and electronics and extensive know-how specifically in technical areas.

Recent successful projects in the field of heat pumps production (successful projects for which SARIO provided assistance — Vaillant, Hoval, Winkelmann) demonstrate Slovakia's high potential for attracting investments in technologies related to renewable resources.

Wind turbines and their components can become another important item in the production portfolio of Slovakia.