The second package of measures for companies and self-employed

Friday, 03. April 2020
The Slovak Government has introduced the second package of measures for companies and self-employed.

On Friday, April 32020, the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Igor Matovič together with the Minister of Finance Eduard Heger and the Chairman of the Slovak Banking Association Alexander Resch have introduced the second package of measures to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for companies and the self-employed.

The measures relate to the deferral of loan repayments for up to 9 months for individuals, companies and self-employed persons, while the applicant for deferral of loan repayments will not be registered as a debtor.

According to Eduard Heger, the applicant will be able to choose how many repayments he or she wants to postpone, whether to postpone them to the end of the repayment calendar or to increase the remaining repayments by the amount of deferred repayments.

From the administrative point of view, the process should be very simple, as the applications will be submitted electronically. As well, the same rules will be applied to each applicant regardless of when he or she has asked for the deferral. The condition is that the applicant has not been registered as a debtor in the last 30 days.

Another measure relates to the increase of the daily limit of contactless payments from 20 EUR to 50 EUR.

Alexander Resch, The Chairman of the Slovak Banking Association, said at the press conference that in addition to a 9-month repayment moratorium, other measures are being prepared.

The measures should enter into force within the next week.