SARIO - JLR Innovation Workshop

May 23, Nitra  – As a part of its flagship event in Nitra (Slovak Matchmaking Fair in Nitra, 2018) SARIO organized a separate innovative workshop for one of the most relevant local stakeholders- the soon to be opened car plant of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

This initiative of SARIO was aimed to match the needs of JLR with solutions provided by Slovak companies in the fields of predictive maintenance, big data, digitally enhanced training solutions, automation, efficiency and various software solutions.
During the 4+ hour long moderated workshop (by Oto Pisoň, Senior consultant at SARIO) JLR introduced its Slovak facility, competences and the team responsible for process optimization for the Nitra plant, which was followed by 10 tailored presentations by Slovak companies including Q&A sessions.

This workshop was a great example of how SARIO tries to „put a foot in the door“ for Slovak companies at major clients it previously managed to attract. It also highlights the fact that SARIO services do not end with site-location process of its clients, but continues further during the implementation phase. In addition to that, the overarching theme of this win-win business platform is innovation, where big SARIO clients get to optimize their processes and smaller Slovak innovative companies get a chance to scale their products and services with major, global players.